Hello Seoul!

Finally, Seoul! After i'm longing for visiting this city for years.
It's my first time here! I was so excited!!! and good news is that i went to South Korea
with my friends ! (it's my first trip abroad without parents hahaha)

Ok here we go! I stayed in the middle of Myeong-Dong , the most famous shopping market i guess.
(lots of guidebook said it's Seoul's Siam Square)
This is so convenience for me , surrounded by shops (especially cosmetics hehe) and restaurants!
and it's not far from underground station! how lovely does it sound!

Here's my first meal "breakfast" , it smells so good when i walked pass (this sandwich truck is located 
in Myeong-dong station exit 4) so we decided to try some! but apparently it was quite nice for the first bite but after that.. it's totally not my cup of tea!

After our mini breakfast, we left Myeong-dong to Gyeongbokgung Palace (as a good tourists :P )
Well, the palace is big but i don't really fancy here. The architecture and landscape was not so impressive and i do not like the vivid color of interior decoration. but the atmosphere and the weather was quite nice though.

Then we went to a small street on the East side of the palace. I saw a construction site with an interesting facade design (or should i called Graphic design?) The museum is naked! wondering what they are going to build here?

nearby mini art gallery

Okay enough for today now, i'll keep update on the next episode of my trip!




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