My new Disaya dress :)

Last week I went to my cousin's engagement ceremony.

Well, i just bought new disaya dress from s/s12 collection ^o^

but this dress is a bit expensive though... so now i won't buy anything more! T T broke now

let's see what it looks like :)

Actually there are some more clothes i wna buy from disaya.. but unluckily i didn't pre-order the dress :(( i didn't know that before! poor me.

Ok so now it's time for me to work harder on Mini.treasure.box and Daydream :) my own online fashion brand . So i could buy all of these beautiful disaya dress hahahahahaha.


By the way, update a little. now i currently studying so hard .. but just one more Construction project to go! then it's gonna be my summer holiday :D
I plan for travelling and also design some more for Daydream project and helping my friends design new fashion line (affordable price of course!) Eiffel :)))

Stay tune!



  1. น่ารักมากเลยน้องแพร์


  2. Omgod! It's so gorgeous!! Do you know where I can buy Disaya clothing!?


  3. Anonymous11.4.12

    You look absolutely gorgeous in Disaya's dress. :D